Events & Workshops

Events Conducted / Curated / Presented By Kreeda & Vinita Sidhartha

Customised Games and Game Creation

A series based on the Ramayana

Kreeda has developed three games based on the Ramayana – Vanavaas, Search for Sita and Battle of Lanka using traditional styles of play. The games follow the footsteps of Rama, Lakshmana and Sita from the time they leave Ayodhya till they vanquish Ravana in the battle and introduce players to the wonderful characters they come across.

Games based on History

Kreeda has developed a game using traditional play styles based on the history of Madras that was Chennai. The game gives players an opportunity to learn the history of this wonderful city.

Customised games for Corporates and Organisation

Kreeda customises and creates games for organisations using traditional styles of play and based on the brief given to us.

Road Show – Chennai City

100 events – 30 days

A road show was conducted in the city of Chennai, with a car decorated with traditional games. The car was loaded with folding tables and an array of games. These were set up to play in metro stations, schools, colleges, apartment complexes, libraries, to name a few.

Road Show – Chennai City
Road Show – Chennai City


An Inter-school Traditional Games Competition

A series of awareness programmes with primary school children and teachers in ten schools around Chennai culminated in the interschool competition held between the selected schools.

Inter-Corporate Traditional Games Competition

Twenty-five corporate houses with teams of five each participated in a high energy day of traditional games – all competing for the winner’s spot. Fun, cheers, and laughter set the mood.

Play Sessions

Grandparents Day celebrations

Brought children and grandparents together to play and enjoy the rich heritage of traditional games of India.

Traditional Games Carnival

A carnival of traditional games has been conducted in many venues and for numerous occasions including employee engagement programmes for corporate houses, rotary meetings, festival celebrations and even weddings. Games played by children and adults alike and bringing out the child in everyone.

Traditional Games Carnival

Never too old to play – A play session for senior citizens

Kreeda believes that old people are the storehouse of the nation’s culture and can contribute greatly to the documentation and revival of traditional games by sharing their experiences in play. A play session was conducted with games they played in their childhood, that helped bring back happy memories of play. Their experiences and memories were captured as documentation.

Play session - Games of Courtship. Games of Love

The mythological stories about games, and the pranks of Krishna and the Gopis in the woods are legendary. Thanks to Bollywood, the image of a hero and heroine romancing around the trees will live with us forever. Trees have long inspired beauty, art and love and games. This was an evening of games inspired by trees – their seeds, leaves, twigs and fruits. Games that are the stuff of legends and mythology.

Open House – Games from Chennai – A display and play session

A display of photographs of game inscriptions and the monuments in which they were found accompanied by a chance to actually play the same games.


Exhibition - The Art of Traditional Games

An exhibition of paintings from leading artists in Chennai and a display of traditional games. The creative impulse behind traditional games is often mirrored by the creative impulse of an artist. The exhibition traces elements in games that are reflected by elements in art.

A Fashion Show – Saris inspired by Games found in Temples

Lakshmi Srinath, an artist/designer presented concept saris inspired by games found in temples. These saris were designed to capture the essence of the games and the temples in which they were found.

A Fashion Show – Saris inspired by Games found in Temples

Walk and Talk Shows

Walk - Thiruvottriyur Temple – History, Inscriptions and Games

Conducted in partnership with historian Pradeep Chakravarthy, this event was a walk through the temple tracing its history and exploring the presence and relevance of games found there.

Talk Show - Chennai – A Storehouse of Traditional Games.

The city of Chennai is home to a wide range of traditional games that have been played here for many many years. The temples and monuments are home to numerous boards inscribed on the floors – boards native to Chennai and those that have travelled here through cultural exchange with neighbouring states and some that even seem to indicate an exchange with other countries. The talk explored some of these games and the influences that perhaps played a role in making them a part of Chennai.

Games for Gods – A Lecture and Demonstration of Ancient Temple Games

For years now Kreeda has been involved in documenting the games carved in temples and old monuments. A study of these inscriptions tells us a lot about games, their variations, their spread and popularity. In partnership with Chitra Madhavan (Historian).

Walk - Kapaleeshwarar temple, Mylapore - History, Art, Architecture and Traditional Games

A Treasure trove of games, there are seven distinctly different game boards carved on the floor of this temple. While some of these games have been popular in Chennai and South India, a couple of other boards are rarer hinting perhaps at travellers from beyond the Vindhyas. With Historian – Chitra Madhavan.

Marudheeswarar Temple - Tiruvanmiyur in 7-8th Century

With historian Pradeep Chakravarthy – this walk explored the Jain influence and the history of the temple. The games found in this temple were explored along with a unique new board. In addition, the popular Parama Padam in both Hindu and Jain versions were played.

Talk – Traditional Games from Chennai – What they tell us about ourselves

Learnings from Traditional games and their reflections on life lessons. Understanding the philosophical underpinnings of traditional games.