Gifts for the festive season

For many reasons, Kreeda games are unique gifts that add life to India's unique festivals:

  • They are Indian in spirit.
  • They are environment friendly.
  • They are a healthy alternative to sweets in a world where everyone is health conscious.
  • They are unusual and will be remembered.
  • They have staying power.

On bulk orders, Kreeda can customize the gifts to add your logo on the boxes.

Gifts for family and children’s events

As these games are all about playing together, they are excellent gifts for family gatherings, embodying as they do time together that binds the family.

  • For children these games are a wonderful window to our cultural traditions.
  • These games also make excellent prizes for events such as sports day.


Gifts for workshops and conferences

With the number of conferences and seminars people have an overdose of backpacks and the like. Kreeda games are an unusual gift that people will keep and treasure.

Custom designed games

Kreeda is happy to work with different companies to customize the games for specific purposes. We can alter the packaging to include the patron company’s branding for bulk orders or even create a new game sponsored by the organization to meet their requirements.