Where Can I buy Kreeda Games?

You can buy our games online through this website or from various shops across the country (Click on “Store Locator” from the bottom menu).

Kindly contact us @ 9841748309 for bulk orders.

Why does Kreeda revive old games?

Kreeda revives old games in order to understand their relevance and contribution to enhancing human relationships.

How can Kreeda games help children?

Kreeda games can help children to develop their life skills, strategy, planning, team building and concentration and to build their leadership quality through traditional games.

Does Kreeda have games for young children?

Most of the games can be played by children who are 3 years and older. However, some of the games can be played by younger children with parental supervision.

Is Kreeda an NGO?

No, we are a private organization devoted to reviving traditional games.

Why Kreeda games price as they are?

Kreeda games are made out of eco-friendly materials. Thus, the manufacturing cost is high. We believe in giving our customers the best and don’t compromise on the quality of the products that we make. Surpluses, if any, are ploughed back into research of traditional games.

Does Kreeda sell games as a package?

Yes, we do. To know more, do get in touch with us.

Do you conduct summer camps?

Yes, we do conduct summer camps. Through traditional games, we aim to create a unique learning experience where participants take away valuable lessons on important qualities that will aide them in their careers.

Can Kreeda games be useful in our corporate organization?

Yes, Kreeda can very much be useful in corporate organization. Some of the Kreeda games help in building team spirit, goal setting, leadership skills, decision making, strategy and planning organizational behaviour, etc.

How are Kreeda games useful in offices?

Playing Kreeda games are a wonderful way to unwind and reduce stress.

How are Kreeda games useful for school children?

Learning through fun and play is easier and more interesting, Kreeda games can be used as a medium to improve Motor Skills Sensory Skills, hand-eye co-ordination, Mathematical Skills, Team building actions, Leadership Skills, Goal setting, Decision Making etc. These are some important qualities that will prove useful in life.

Does Kreeda have any single player games?

Yes, Kreeda has single player games like Panchkone. This is a strategy game.

From where does Kreeda collect games?

Our temples are repositories of games. Kreeda has been visiting and painstaking researching games found etched in temple floors all over India. Kreeda does a lot of research in old age homes, in libraries, by talking to local vendors like vegetable men, gardeners, flower sellers, etc. Our own creative team is also engaged in innovating new games from our epics and folk tales.

What is special about Kreeda?

Kreeda games are made out of eco-friendly materials. These games can be played by all family members and spend time together. For children these games are a wonderful window to our cultural traditions.

When I can get paper Paramapadam for Rs.3/- and a Pallanguzhi for Rs.50/- and Bambaram for Rs.10/- and Golis for Rs.1/- why should I buy Kreeda games which are so expensive?

Every Kreeda game consists of a canvas, the game coins in a draw string cloth bag and a detailed instruction sheet. The game board is screen printed on the canvas which can be gently washed and stored. All these are packed in a beautiful cardboard box which will keep the game safe for a long time. While there are cheaper products in the market, Kreeda’s commitment to the customer is that our games are well designed, long lasting, ecofriendly and are safe for children to play with.

Will Kreeda give us discount If we buy directly from you?

We normally don’t give discounts for direct purchase of games. However, if you have a bulk order do get in touch with us.

Why are the same games called in different names?

A lot of our games were traditionally played by people living in various parts of the country. So, local and regional names in those languages were given to these games.

Can the label of game box be printed in another language?

This can be done for bulk orders. Do reach out to us.

Some of the game components are missing in the game I had purchased. Whom should I contact with regard to this?

If you purchased the games at a retail outlet, we request you to contact the store directly. If you bought it from our website, do reach out to us and we will address the issue right away.

Can corporate logo be printed exclusively on the games?

Yes, we can print corporate logos for bulk orders. Do reach out to us.

Can Kreeda design a game package exclusively for corporates?

Yes. Kreeda has done this in the past as well. Do reach out to us and we can work with you.

Will Kreeda games be useful for special children?

Yes, Kreeda can be useful for special children. These games are designed to enhance motor skills, sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination, mathematical skills etc. For instance, the game Pallanguzhi helps build motor skills, chirmi can be used for development of sensory skills, tamarind seed – for mathematical skills etc. For more information, do contact us.

Is there a dedicated Kreeda outlet?

Not as of now.