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Kreeda sees the need for a great deal of effort to research traditional games - their history, origin and rules. A lot of our research focuses on finding games and documenting the relevant information like the variations and the experiences associated with the games. We are pursuing several avenues of research, as detailed below -

  • Efforts are on to co-ordinate with old age homes to try and tap childhood memories of the residents. This not only teaches us new games but also gives us an insight into the role games played in the lives of the people. This information has been carefully documented.
  • Kreeda is in touch with many NGOs working in rural and tribal areas; in these pockets, the games are more likely to survive.
  • Kreeda also hopes to involve the media in an effort to have both children and adults help in research. Children could be encouraged to speak to their grandparents about games they played. This will also serve the purpose of building a bond between children and their grandparents.
  • Efforts are also on to document some of the old songs which were sung with the games as they add to the overall experience.

Kreeda invites all those who can remember these old games to come forward and share their experiences. Many of these games are in danger of being forgotten. The loss will be everyone's.


Temples of Chennai - Documenting traditional boards inscribed on the stone of temples in the city of Chennai and capturing it in a series of short videos and a calendar distilling the essence.

Games from Memory - Documenting traditional games played by senior citizens in their childhood and their memories of play tells us a great deal about the societal impact of these games.

Games from Memory
Temples of Chennai


Series articles on traditional games for the digital magazine – @Tarang.

Traditional Games of India: Games of Alignment - Issuu

September 2021 by Tarang Magazine - Issuu

A look at how traditional games are relevant even today - a talk for the AFVOA

"Peep into the Past - A New Look at Traditional Indian Games" - Talk by Ms Vinita Sidhartha - YouTube

Papers Presentation

Bridging the Past and Present Through Traditional Games. Conference organised by INSTUCEN Trust, Mumbai, June 2019.

Traditional Games in Management Training. Conference organised by INSTUCEN Trust, Mumbai, June 2019.

Thyagaraja Temple -Thiruvottriyur – Where traditional games emphasising strategy synergy and survival reflect the social, political and economic scenario of the times. Conference organised by INSTUCEN Trust, Mumbai, June 2020.

Submitted for publication, BHU

Videos and other productions

Curated a series of videos explaining the traditional games. These videos were posted on Kreeda’s Facebook page.

Curated a series of videos explaining the temples of Chennai. These videos were posted on Kreeda’s Facebook page.

Curated a calendar – Documenting the traditional games inscribed on the floors of our temples.

Documenting age-old games inscribed on temple floors -

About Kreeda Research outreach Videos Calendar

Kreeda’s Travelling journal

A unique idea to record people’s memories of playing traditional games during their childhood days. This will help, not only to revive traditional games, but also to capture the spirit in which they were played.

Play, preserve, pass- The New Indian Express

Kreeda’s ‘The Travelling Journal’ will journey across India and different countries - The Hindu

Travel journal to document memories of traditional games -

Kreeda’s Travelling journal


Traditional games are very much relevant to our world today. We are working to spread awareness on the benefits of playing these games and to inspire more participants in our movement to revive these games.

Kreeda has worked with schools to put together a learning module based on these games.

Kreeda also works with corporate houses and NGOs to create unique awareness programs in a variety of models. To know more, visit Kreeda For You