Kreeda The Battle of Lanka

Battle of Lanka, the third part of the Ramayana Series, is an engaging battlefield card game played with beautifully illustrated cards with characters from Rama’s army and Ravana’s Army.

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The War Game

This is a game conceived by Kreeda and is the third part of the Ramayana series.

Rama and Lakshmana, along with their new friends Sugriva and Hanuman decide that the only option is to fight a war with Ravana and rescue Sita. It is a mighty battle fought between the rakshasas led by Ravana and the vanara army led by Rama.

Colourful and well-illustrated cards make this an exciting game to play. It brings the players face to face with legendary and colourful characters like Hanuman, Jambavan, Indrajit, and Kumbakarna. Each card provides information about a character or event in the battle. 

Players: 2-4


  • One pack of 52 cards
  • Rule sheet

Age Group: 6+

Weight of the game: 120 g

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