Kreeda Chaturvimshathi Koshtaka

A unique strategy game where two players face off against each other to gain control over enemy territory.   

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A Battlefield Game in 24 Squares

This is a game drawn from an old book written in Sanskrit by Harikrishna, son of Venkatram, in the late nineteenth century. The game is a simple strategy game described by Harikrishna as a game in 24 squares. We have used the Sanskrit description he has given, as the name of the game. Chathurvimshathi Koshtaka simply means 24 boxes or squares.



  • Game board in Canvas
  • 16 game pieces (8 in each colour)
  • Rule sheet

Age Group: 7+

Weight of the Game: 120 g

Canvas Size: 27 x 17cm

Carton Size: 17.5 x 10.3 x 5cm

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