Kreeda Kaasht Bambaram (The All-Wood Indian Flick Top)

Kreeda’s spinning top with a tip made of wood, making it safer for younger children.

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The Spinning Top

The Kaasht Bambaram is a skill building top requiring the player to wind a rope around the frets of the top and flick it to the floor, causing the top to spin. Kreeda’s Kaasht Bambaram is specially crafted for Kreeda by artisans in Channapatna and has a wooden nail for greater safety for young children.

Alternate Names: Lattu, Bangaram, Pambaram

Players: Single


  • 1 wooden top
  • Roll of rope (1.25m)
  • Rule sheet

Age: 8+

Weight of the Game: 90 g

Carton Size: 12.5 x 10.2 x 5cm

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