Kreeda Memories of Madras

A special card game designed by Kreeda, inspired by the city of Madras.

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Discover Madras in a Game

This game is inspired by the rich culture and architecture and sheer beauty of Chennai city which often gets lost by the chaotic rhythms of life. It is a card game that highlights many significant landmarks in Chennai and reflects the spirit of the city of Madras. 

This game was created with the support and guidance of Mr. S. Muthiah, well-known historian and journalist who is known as a crusader for the preservation of the heritage of the city of Madras and its environment. 

The sketches for this game were executed by Mr. Maniam Selven, a well-known artist upholding the tradition and standards of his father late Sri Maniam, known for his artistic creations of history and architecture and who was associated with the Kalki in yesteryears.

Players: 2-6


  • 1 pack of game cards
  • Rule sheet

Age Group: 5+

Weight of the Game: 170 g

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